Graduate Course 2015, 5 ECTS credits

Course responsible: Kristian Soltesz


The course is a seminar series aimed at learning to use the julia language for scientific computations. Each seminar is followed by a homework exercise. There is an individual mini project at the end of the course.

Seminar times

Fridays 13:15-15:00 in the Automatic Control Seminar Room (M2112:B). Last seminar is planned for October 2.

Seminar Program


Date Topic Speakers
August 21 Julia Basics 1 Kristian
August 28 Julia Basics 2 Mattias & Marcus
September 4 Linear Algebra 3Control Toolbox Fatemeh & Martin K
September 11 Performance & Graphics Fredrik B & Josefin
September 18 Parallelization & Convex Optimization Yang & Victor


Bonus seminars (without associated mandatory homework):

Date Topic Speakers
October 16 ODE solvers Statistics in JUlia
Gabriel & Carl
TBA TBA & TBA Manfred & Jonas


The Julia Basics 1-2 seminars are based on documentation from docs.julialang.orgJulia Basics 1 rougly covers the sections until Scope of Variables. Julia Basics 2 continues from there until the Modules section.


It is strongly encouraged that you collaborate with the homeworks. There is a Piazza forum set up for the course, with on-going discussions around the homework problems. Please contribute!


Mini project

All participants are expected to complete a mini project, using Julia. It is encouraged to program something which will be useful in your research! The code of the project (with runnable example) and a short report (max 2 pages) is to be mailed to Kristian before November 1. There is also a gathering on Oct 14 (Wed) 13:15 in the Automatic Control Seminar room (M2112:B) where each participant gives a 5-10 min presentation about their project. The upper time limit is strict, and with a 15 min break we should be done by 15:30.


Name Project
Mattias Control system toolbox
Carl  Option pricing toolbox
Marcus Unscented Kalman filter (UKF)
Fatemeh Generating NURBS mesh in 3D
Martin K Indoor positioning using WiFi
Fredrik B  System identification toolbox
Josefin Automatic PID tuning
Yang Real-time system scheduling
Gabriel Model predictive control (MPC)