Advanced Computer-Controlled Systems

Graduate course, Fall 2013, 6 ECTS credits

Lecturer: Björn Wittenmark

PhD course in computer-controlled systems based on Karl Johan Åström and Björn Wittenmark (2011): Computer-Controlled Systems, Dover Publications. (The previous editions of the book were published by Prentice Hall.) There will be eight lectures/seminars covering different aspects of how to use computers to control physical systems. The main emphasis is, however, on the discrete-time case. The course is open for all PhD students and gives 6 ECTS credits.

Planning meeting Wed September 18 at 9.30 in the Seminar room.



 Lectures in the Seminar room of the department starting October 10, 8.15.

Date Subject Reference Assignment
Oct 10 L1: Discrete-time systems and sampling CCS Ch 1, 2.1-2.5, articles Assign. 1
 Oct 14 L2: Z-transform and I/O-models CCS Ch 2.6-2.9, 3.2 Assign. 2
 Oct 17 L3: State-feedback, observers, reference values, and integrators CCS Ch 4.5-4.7, Wittenmark (1985b) Assign. 3
 Oct 21 L4: Pole-placement I/O-models CCS Ch 5 Assign. 4
 Nov 7
L5: Where to place the poles? KJÅ Assign. 5
 Nov 14 L6: Sampling of signals and operators, Deltaoperator (Slides from Goodwin et al.) CCS Ch 7, Goodwin et al. Ch 12 Assign. 6
Nov 21 L7: Implementation and noise models CCS Ch 9, Ch10 Assign. 7
 Nov 28 L8: Optimal design - LQG
CCS Ch 11 Assign. 8
 Dec 5
L9: Optimal design - I/O
CCS Ch 12 Assign. 9
 Dec 12 Summary and discussion  



Other material



The examination will be based on home assignments each week and a short report by the end of the course.