Final report

Report writing 

The final report is written in LaTeX, using the template that came with your git repo. Some useful LaTeX hints are found here. Please ask your project advisor if you run into trouble with LaTeX. The report should be at least 6 pages and at most 8 pages. It must contain a figure photograph of what you have been working with on its first page. The final versions of all group reports will be printed in a proceedings book, of which each participant who has completed the course gets a copy. Use previous years' report books (written with an older version of the LaTeX template) as inspiration: Projects in Automatic Control 2017.

The report should

  • take into account feedback you received at the feedback seminars.
  • follow the structure of the template that came with your git repo. Section headings should not be changed, but adding subsections is OK. References to articles, books, etc. should cohere to the format found in the template.
  • describe the problem, the methods used, and the results. The report should be clearly written, nicely typeset with proper use of references. Spell-check your report before it is submitted.
  • document the project in such a way that a reader may reproduce the work from the contents, provided she/he also has access to the documentation of your git repository. The target readers are students with a similar background as the course participants.
  • contain a photograph of the project outcome on its first page.
  • cite relevant references.
  • be compiled into a pdf, which is pushed to the shared git repo (instructions here).

Make sure references are complete and accurate. Examples of how to cite journal articles, conference proceedings, technical reports, textbooks and online resources are provided in the report template, found in your repo.In case the project is control oriented the results section should include plots of measurement signals, reference signal, and control signal. If the project is more of a programming/real-time nature then this section could contain measurement results of a different type (timing, complexity, etc.). 

For any software written in the project, a class hierarchy and description of the main functions should be included in the report. 

Any dependence on external libraries should be noted along with the version used and where it can be found. The license for all external dependencies should be noted.

If you use the work of others (e.g. graphics), make sure you have the right to do so, and mention the source (e.g. put "courtesy of X" in the figure caption.

Report review

Each group is to perform a written review of another group's report (see important dates). The purpose of the review is to point out things that could be improved, and propose how such improvements could be made. The review should consider both the technical content and the presentation of the report. If you have questions regarding what is expected, please discuss with your project advisor. You will review the same group as prior to feedback seminar 2.

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