Feedback seminars

Two mandatory feedback seminars are held in the course (see important dates), each seminar with a dedicated theme: Modeling/Design and Control/Implementation. The idea is to create a forum, where different topics which are part of most projects in the course are discussed and where the course participants share their experience and give feedback to each other.

In preparation of the second seminar, each group is required to push a report of their results with respect to the theme of the seminar to a shared git repo (instructions here).

In addition to the mini-report, each group is required to prepare an oral presentation (10 minutes) reporting the project status and lessons learned. During each seminar, some groups (possibly not all groups) will perform their presentation. During the seminars, all participants are encouraged to take part in the discussion by providing comments and feedback on his/her peers' work.

Feedback Seminar 1 (Modeling/Design)

Before the seminar, each project group should prepare a 10 min presentation containing:

  • an overview of the project and its objectives.
  • a discussion on the modeling needs in the project: why is modeling needed, what should models be used for, and how is model quality assessed.
  • motivations for the selected modeling and design approaches.
  • a discussion on experiences with respect to modeling and design.

Prepare the presentation in pdf format and bring it on a USB stick. If you prefer to use a presentation tool that does not export to pdf, bring your own laptop (with power supply!) and the presentation on it. Our projectors provide HDMI and DVI connectors.

Feedback Seminar 2 (Control/Implementation)

Before the seminar, each project group is required to submit a report (4-6 pages).  See important dates for deadline. The report should be pushed to the shared git repo, details here. The focus should be on design and implementation. Each group will give oral feedback on both the presentation and the report of one other group (see below for peer review order). Some hints on what such feedback should contain are found here. If you don't find the report you are to review in the shared git repo (mentioned here) by the submission deadline, contact your project advisor. We will split the class in different seminar rooms (where members from all groups should be represented in all rooms; for listening and/or presenting).

Review order

A reviews C
B reviews D
C reviews A
D reviews B

E reviews G
F reviews H
G reviews E
H reviews F

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