This is the web page for the basic course in Automatic Control (FRT010) held at Zhejiang University, China, which ended 2012-12-08. 

Course Program

The course will end 2012-12-08

Course Evaluation

Evaluation will be though the CEQ system, only available for Lund University students. You will receive an e-mail on 2012-12-22, with a link to the online form. Please indicate "Kinainriktningen", as there is a parallel course with the same code in Lund.


Exam and Results

The course ended with an exam on 2012-12-08.


For Lund University students: The corrected exams will be displayed Mon Jan 14 12:15-12:45 in Automatic Control Lab C at the ground floor of the M-building at LTH in Lund. Any questions or comments on the grading are referred to this ocasion.

The first available re-take exam will be given 08:00-13:00 on Fri Jan 18 in Kårhusets Gasquesal at LTH in Lund. Sign-up via online link, which will be made available from

For Zhejiang University students: You have by now received individual e-mails with your grades and they have been sent to Yu, Ling ( for transcript registration.