History of Control


Graduate course (3 ECTS credits) given at the Department of Automatic Control

Fall 2016


L01 Introduction (Karl Johan)   1 Sep 09:00
L02 Governors   8 Sep 10.15
L03 Process Control   15 Sep 10.15
L04 Feedback Amplifiers   19 Sep 08.15
L05 Harry Nyquist   22 Sep 10.15
L07 Control Emerges   29 Sep 10.15
L08 The Second Phase   3 Oct 08.15
L06 Ships and Aerospace (Karl Johan)   6 Oct 10.15
L09 Automatic Control in Sweden   13 Oct 10.15
L10 Automatic Control in Lund   17 Oct 08.15
L11 Future of Control   20 Oct 10.15


All seminars are held at the Department of Automatic Control, in the new seminar room M:2112b (on the second floor in the M-building), unless stated otherwise.


PhD student presentations 2016