Pontus Giselsson
Pontus Giselsson
Associate Professor
Phone: +46 46 222 97 44
Fax: +46 46 13 81 18

I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Automatic Control. My main research interests lie within optimization and its wide range of applications.

Selected Publications

M. Fält and P. Giselsson, Optimal Convergence Rates for Generalized Alternating Projections. In Proceedings of  the 56th Conference on Decision and Control, Melbourne, Australia, Dec 2017.

C. Grussler and P. Giselsson, Low-Rank Inducing Norms with Optimality Interpretations. Submitted.

P. Giselsson and M. Fält, Envelope Functions: Unifications and Further Properties. Submitted.

C. Grussler, A. Rantzer, and P. Giselsson, Low-Rank Optimization with Convex Constraints. Submitted.

P. Giselsson, M. Fält, and S. Boyd, Line Search for Averaged Operator Iteration. In Proceedings of  the 55th Conference on Decision and Control, Las Vegas, USA, Dec 2016.

P. Giselsson, Tight Global Linear Convergence Rate Bounds for Douglas-Rachford Splitting. Journal of Fixed-Point Theory and Applications. 2017. doi:10.1007/s11784-017-0417-1.

P. Giselsson, and S. Boyd, Linear Convergence and Metric Selection in Douglas Rachford Splitting and ADMM. Transactions of Automatic Control. 62(2):532 - 544, February 2017.

P. Giselsson, and S. Boyd, Metric Selection in Fast Dual Forward Backward Splitting. Automatica, 62:1-10, December 2015.

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QPgen: A C code generator for quadratic optimization problems


During the late fall of 2015, I taught a course on large-scale convex optimization.

Pendulum Movies

Time-optimal path constrained Pendulum problem
Time-optimal path constrained Pendulum problem with initial pendulum swings
Time-optimal Pendulum Swing-up
Time-optimal Pendulum Swing-up with initial pendulum swings