Isolde Dressler
Isolde Dressler
Dipl. Ing.
Phone: +46 46 222 44 75
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I am a PhD student in the Robotics group of the Dept. of Automatic Control since August 2004. My research interest is modeling, calibration and control of parallel kinematic robots, in particular a new robot geometry called Gantry-Tau robot. Part of my research was done within the SMErobot™ and ELIIT projects.


16 publications found.

Title Authors Year Type
Estimation-based ILC applied to a parallel kinematic robot Johanna Wallen Axehill, Isolde Dressler, Svante Gunnarsson, Anders Robertsson, Mikael Norrlöf 2014 Art
Modeling and Control of Stiff Robots for Flexible Manufacturing Isolde Dressler 2012 PhD
Observer-Based ILC Applied to the Gantry-Tau Parallel Kinematic Robot Johanna Wallén, Isolde Dressler, Anders Robertsson, Mikael Norrlöf, Svante Gunnarsson 2011 Conf
Positioning Accuracy of a Parallel Kinematic Gantry-Tau Robot Isolde Dressler, Anders Robertsson 2010 Conf
Flexible application development and high-performance motion control based on external sensing and reconfiguration of ABB industrial robot controllers Anders Blomdell, Isolde Dressler, Klas Nilsson, Anders Robertsson 2010 Conf
A Kinematic Error Model for a Parallel Gantry-Tau Manipulator Isolde Dressler, Torgny Brogårdh, Anders Robertsson 2010 Conf
Characterization of the Tau parallel kinematic machine for aerospace application Phil Crothers, Philip Freeman, Torgny Brogårdh, Isolde Dressler, Klas Nilsson, Anders Robertsson, Walter Zulauf, Beat Felder, Raimund Loser, Knut Siercks 2009 Conf
Modeling and Control of a Parallel Robot Using Modelica Isolde Dressler, Johannes Schiffer, Anders Robertsson 2009 Conf
Subspace-based Identification of Compliance Dynamics of Parallel Kinematic Manipulator Marzia Cescon, Isolde Dressler, Rolf Johansson, Anders Robertsson 2009 Conf
Reconfigurable Parallel Kinematic Manipulator for Flexible Manufacturing Mathias Haage, Isolde Dressler, Anders Robertsson, Klas Nilsson, Torgny Brogårdh, Rolf Johansson 2009 Conf
Closed-form calibration of the Gantry-Tau parallel robot Nicolas Andreff, Isolde Dressler 2008 Conf
Automatic Kinematic Calibration of a Modular Gantry-Tau Parallel Robot from a Kinematics Point of View Isolde Dressler, Anders Robertsson, Rolf Johansson 2008 Conf
Configuration Support and Kinematics for a Reconfigurable Gantry-Tau Manipulator Isolde Dressler, Mathias Haage, Klas Nilsson, Rolf Johansson, Anders Robertsson, Torgny Brogårdh 2007 Conf
Accuracy of Kinematic and Dynamic Models of a Gantry-Tau Parallel Kinematic Robot Isolde Dressler, Anders Robertsson, Rolf Johansson 2007 Conf
StateGraph—A Modelica Library for Hierarchical State Machines Martin Otter, Karl-Erik Årzén, Isolde Dressler 2005 Conf
Code Generation from JGrafchart to Modelica Isolde Dressler 2004 MSc