Teaching, Charlotta Johnsson

I have always enjoyed teaching and being among students. This has also resulted in a position (10%) at the pedagogical group within the engineering faculty (2008-2010), as well as a position as Program Leader (20%) for the Technology Management program (2009-present). Most fascinating is to see the students’ motivation and driving force, how much they can learn and what excellent work they can perform. I have experience in teaching undergraduate and graduate students as well as industry representatives (groups from 3-4 up to 200 attendees) in both semester courses and day-seminars.

Teaching activities:

  • Responsible for the program Technology Management
  • Consultant at Genombrottet
  • Ph.D. Courses
  • Master Thesis projects
  • Engineering program
  • External courses


Technology Management

Technology Management (TM) is a 2 year master program in cooperation between Lund Institute of Technology (LTH) and The School of Economics (EHL), Lund University. Every year 40 students are admitted to the program, 20 students from the School of Economics and 20 students from Lund Institute of Technology. The program integrates Technology and Management in three dimensions; program curricula, students and teachers. The aim is to provide the business students with an understanding of engineering and the engineer’s way of thinking, and the engineering students with an understanding of management and economics. There are seven courses included the program, all of them include contacts with real industrial companies. The program includes pedagogical concepts such as Good Academic Thinking. The students academical knowledge is complimented with insights about themselves and their own behaviour. More information is available on TMonline.

I am involved in Technology Management in two ways

    • responsible for the whole program from LTHs perspective. This role is shared with a program responsible from EHL.
    • I am involved as a teacher in the courses "Technology, Strategies and Structures (TSS), TMA010", "Project Leadership-1" and "Project Leadership-2".


Genombrottet is LTH's center for pedagogical development. More info Genombrottet.

I have been involved in Genombrottet's activities in two ways.

  • I served as the editor for the Newsletter "Genombrottet", 2008-2010. The Newsletter is published 4 times per year and is distributed to all departments and teachers at LTH.
  • I am pair-teaching the course "Högskolepedagogisk introduktionskurs".


PhD courses

Courses aimed for PhD students.

  • Methodology, Ethics and Innovation (fall2016 - spring2017). I was involved as one of four(4) teachers.
  • Quality control (ht2008-vt2009). I was involved as one of three(3) teachers.


Master Thesis projects

I am participating in Master Thesis projects either as a supervisor (i.e. guiding the students through the work process) or as an examiner (i.e. reading and approving the final work). I am involved in master thesis projects done at the Department of Automatic Control and master thesis projects done within the program Technology Management.

The master thesis projects done at the Department of Automatic Control involves one(1) or two (2) master students. The students have a solid background in Control theory.

The master thesis projects done within the program Technology Management involves one (1) master student from The School of Economics (EHL) and one (1) student from Lund Institute of Technology (LTH). The students combine the technical and the economical aspects in their master theses.

Complete list of Master thesis projects


Engineering program

  • Mathematical modelling (vt2016)
  • Basic Automatic control course, China (ht2014, ht2013)
  • Internationell projektkurs i reglerteknik (vt2013, vt2012, vt2011)
  • Marknadsstyrda system (vt2016, vt2015, vt2013, vt2012, vt2011, vt2010)
  • Teknologi, Strategi och Struktur för TM (vt2014-vt2005)
  • Projektledarskap för TM (vt2011, ht2010, vt2010)
  • Processreglering för K och B (ht2007, ht2005, ht2004)
  • Processreglering för K
  • Systemteknik för W och N (vt2 2006, vt2 2005)
  • Systemteknik för W (vt2 2004)
  • Reglerteknik AK EFD
  • Reglerteknik AK M
  • Digital reglering
  • Process Identifiering


Other university courses

  • Guest lecturer at Strategic Operations Management, School of Economics (vt2017)


External courses

Courses given to personnel from outside-university.