Digitalizing the Process Industry (Dig-PI)

Researchers: Charlotta Johnsson in collaboration with Carsten Nokleby from Sesam-Sverige, and representatives from Perstorp Specialty Chemicals AB, Tetra Pak Processing Systems, Södra Cell AB, Arla Foods, ÅF industry AB, Prevas AB, Hild, FPA Konsult AB, Rockwell Automation AB, Schneider-Electric AB, Siemens AB and B&R Industriautomation AB.

Funding: Vinnova- PiiA

Period: 2016-2017

This is a visionary project with the focus on "Digitalized Process Industry (DigPI)" and its possibilities to create benefits for the Process Industries in Sweden. The aim of this pre-study project (DigPI-1) is to specify visions, and goals for future Digitalized
Process Industries, and in a future full-sized research project (DigPI-2) set up a physical demonstration platform (testbed) where these visions and goals can be demonstrated. The pre-study is divided in four work-packages (WP):
WP1: Identify a suitable process for the demonstration platform
WP2: Define innovative concepts to be visualised in the demonstration platform
WP3: Benchmark within the process industry
WP4: Understanding of business benefits

For the most successful future regarding the development and direction of a Digitalised Process Industry, collaboration between the stakeholders (solution-providers, end-users, integrators, network-organizations and academia) is key. The project partners in this pre-study (DigPI-1) consists of; one academic partner, one network-organisation, and 13 industry partners. Further, the industry partners includes 4 solution-providers, 5 end-users 2 integrators och 2 consultant companies.