Dynamics, Information, and Control in Networks

Large-scale networks play a constantly increasing role in our modern society, e.g., affecting the access to essential services like mobility and energy, influencing the outcome of electoral polls, and determining the quality of the economic system.

The Departement hosts a research group on Dynamics, Information, and Control in Networks. The focus of this group is on the mathematical foundations of large-scale network systems with particular emphasis on issues related to their resilience, centrality, and scalability. Applications include cyber-physical systems, transportation networks, as well as social and economic networks.

Besides the PI Giacomo Como, active members of the group are the PhD students Gustav Nilsson and Kaito Ariu. Past members are Dr. Enrico Lovisari (postdoc 2012-2014), Dr. Wilbert Rossi and Lorenzo Zino (long-term visiting PhD students from Politecnico di Torino). The group has hosted several master theses including the ones by Christian Rosdahl (thesis), Joakim Guth (thesis), Nicolás Bordonaba Mateos (thesis), Gianluca Brero (thesis), and Gustav Nilsson (thesis).

The research conducted by this group is partly funded by the Swedish Reseach Council (VR) through a Project Research Grant on `Resilient Control of Dynamical Flow Networks' (1/2016-12/2019). Previous funding includes a VR Starting Grant on `Information Dynamics in Large-Scale Networks' (1/2012-12/2015).

Some recent representative publications are listed below: