Technology Management: iMDE (TMAF10) 2013

The world is becoming more international and cutting edge knowledge in marketing as well as engineering in a global world is becoming a valuable asset on the job-market. There is a lack of people with skills in both fields with the ability to connect market needs and innovations with product development, especially in an international context. International Market Driving Engineering (iMDE) is aimed at providing these knowledge and skills.

The course International Market-Driven Engineering is a joint course collaboration between Technology Management at Lund University Sweden (LU), and three schools at Zhejiang University China (ZJU). The course is developed within the framework of LU-ZJU JCIE (Joint Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship). The course langauge is English. The classroom will be D:201, Art building, Xixi campus, Zhejiang university. The course aims at making it possible to intertwine the two disciplines Technology and Management, in Sweden and in China, in four ways; Students, Teachers, Subjects and Cultures.


  • 2013-09-16: The schedule for the Chinese Culture (Swedish students only) has been updated. Please have a look at the Course description for Swedish students below.
  • 2013-09-16: Information about the final report and presentation is found here.
  • 2013-09-26: Class of 2013 (photo) is added to "Groups"

Course Material

The course material consists of lecture notes and reading material for each lecture. The course material will be provided at the lectures, the course material will also be available on TM-online.

  • 2013 Chinese Culture (For Swedish students only) - please ask "TM Kina-utskottet".
  • 2013 Elective Course / Martial Arts (for Swedish students only) - please ask "TM Kina-utskottet".
  • Lecture Notes
  • Information about final report and presentation is found here


The students will be divided in 8 groups, each group consisting of both Swedish and Chinese student, as well as of both Engineering and Management students. Each group will have 6-12 students. The Swedish students have already been divided into groups. The Chinese students will be added to these groups at the start of the course. 



As part of the course, the students should perform a project. The project which is related to innovation and product development, will be centered around a theme. Each group will work on a different project related to the theme.

  • 2013 theme: INCLUSION


At the end of the course the students should present their projects though a written report, an oral presentation and a short film. The grade is pass or fail.

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The development of this course, year 2011-2012, was supported by STINT (Stiftelsen för Internationalisering av högre utbildning och forskning, With this suport, and hard work, the course has become reality. Continouos development is made to the course each year, supported by Lund University (LTH and LUSEM). To everyone involved - thank you!