Real-Time Systems - Exercises 2018

Computer exercises

Below are links to the computer exercise material. A red ball indicates a link to previous year's material, while a green ball indicates that the material has been updated/checked for this year's edition of the course.

C0: Object-orientation in Java

C1: Tools & Threads with Solutions

 C2: Synchronization & Program Decomposition with Solution

 C3: Controller Implementation with Solutions

    Class interfaces for Beam problem
   Class interfaces for Ball and Beam problem

C4: Graphical Operator Interfaces with Solutions

C5: There is no new material for this exercise. The time should be spent on completing C3 and C4 and preparing for Lab 1.

Computer and Language Links


Problem-Solving Exercises

The material for the problem solving exercises P0–P5 are found in "Real-Time Systems - Problem-Solving Exercises", 2015, sold by KFS. You may also use the formula sheet below.