Game Theory

Preliminary course program (updated 2014-08-19).

Game Theory with Engineering Applications

For questions, please contact Carolina Lidström ( or Gustav Nilsson (


2014-11-05 The two lectures covering Game Theory over Dynamical System will be given at the afternoon Wednesday the 19th November.

2014-10-22 Notice that Discussion Session 8 has been rescheduled to 24/10 10.15 in the seminar room.

2014-10-02 The third exercise session has been moved to Tuesday 14/10 and is now scheduled together with the discussion session. We will start 9.00(..) in the seminar room.

2014-09-25 The list of responsible persons has been updated. The additional exercises of today's session, where borrowed from the book Economics and the theory of games.

2014-09-18 For the forthcoming assignments, you should send your solutions (handwritten ok) to BoB 12.00 the day before the exercise session

2014-09-04 The slides from the game theory part of the Market-driven systems course.

2014-08-21 The slides from the start-up meeting.

2014-08-20 The start-up meeting will be held Thursday 2014-08-21 13.15 in the seminar room at the Department of Automatic Control (second floor M-building, M:2112B).


The project presentations will take place Thursday the 29th of
January, 9:15-12:00 in the seminar room, Dept. of Automatic Control.

Name Project



D = Discussion session. E = Exercise/Handin session.

Sem = Seminar room, 2nd floor, M-building. Lab D, F =  lab corridor, 1st floor, M-building.

All sessions are between 10.15-12.00.

Session Date Room Responsible Suggested exercises Slides
D1 4/9 Lab F Carolina 1.2 1.9 1.7 1.10 1.4 PDF
D2 11/9 Lab F Gustav 1.1 1.6 1.12 2.2 2.6 PDF
D3 16/9 Lab F No one 12.2?  
E1 18/9 Sem BoB Assignment 1  
D4 25/9 Lab F Gustav 12.2 (upon request!) 12.3 Additional exercises  
D5 30/9 Lab D Antonio  1.9 in this link PDF
E2 2/10 Sem BoB Assignment 2  
D6 9/10 Lab D Fredrik M Fredrik's questions 3.1 3.6 PDF
D7 14/10 9.00 (..) Sem Simon 4.3  
E3 14/10 Sem BoB Assignment 3  
D8 24/10 Sem Johan F 5.1 5.4 5.7 5.9 PDF
D9 28/10 Lab D Mikael  6.1, 6.3, 6.4  
E4 30/10 Sem BoB Assignment 4  
E5 13/11 Sem BoB Assignment 5  
D10 19/11 13.15 Lab D BoB Lecture PDF
D11 19/11 15.15 Lab D BoB Lecture PDF


Non Cooperative Games John Nash (original thesis)

Potential Games

Min-max in zero sum games

Nash Bargaining (Chapter 2) (or Nash's original paper)