Conference Contribution

Jitterbug: A Tool for Analysis of Real-Time Control Performance

Bo Lincoln, Anton Cervin


The paper presents Jitterbug, a Matlab-based toolbox for real-time control performance analysis. The control system is described using a number of connected continuous-time and discrete-time linear systems. The control performance is measured by a continuous-time quadratic cost function. A stochastic execution model is used to describe when the different discrete-time systems are updated during the control period. Building different system models, the tool makes it easy to investigate how control performance is affected by e.g. input-output delay, sampling jitter, output jitter, lost samples, period overruns, aborted computations, and jitter compensation.


jitter, timing, real-time, performance analysis, signal processing, stochastic


The Jitterbug homepage is found here.

In Proceedings of the 41st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Las Vegas, NV, December 2002.

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