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How Does Control Timing Affect Performance? Analysis and Simulation of Timing Using Jitterbug and TrueTime

Anton Cervin, Dan Henriksson, Bo Lincoln, Johan Eker, Karl-Erik Årzén


The article presents two Matlab-based tools for analysis and simulation of real-time control systems: Jitterbug and TrueTime. Jitterbug allows the user to compute a quadratic performance criterion for a linear control system under various timing conditions. The control system is described using a number of continuous- and discrete-time linear systems. A stochastic timing model with random delays is used to describe the execution of the system. The tool can also be used to investigate aperiodic controllers, multirate controllers, and jitter-compensating controllers. TrueTime facilitates event-based co-simulation of a multitasking real-time kernel containing controller tasks and the continuous dynamics of controlled plants. The simulations capture the true, timely behavior of real-time controller tasks and communication networks, and dynamic control and scheduling strategies can be evaluated from a control performance perspective. The controllers can be implemented as Matlab functions, C functions, or ordinary discrete-time Simulink blocks. A number of examples that illustrate the use of the tools are given.


The Jitterbug homepage is found here.

The TrueTime homepage is found here.

IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 23:3, pp. 16–30, June 2003.

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