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This course focuses on Mathematical Modelling, i.e. the ability to model various phenomena in terms of mathematics. The mathematical models can be used for various purposes; to get increased knowledge about the phenomena, to analyse the phenomena, to simulate the phenomena, to control the phenomena, etc. To construct mathematical models suitable for a defined purpose is a skill. This course will pratice these skills. It consists of two lectures, a project (with 100 hours of workload per person), and project presentations.

In 2018, the following dates apply:


Course responsible

Anders Rantzer (Phone: 046-2228778, Email:

Material from lectures


The project should include the following elements:


Th oral presenations should take the following in consideration:

On technical writing, opposition and working in groups

The following documents can be useful for the work:

Reference Literature

Lennart Ljung och Torkel Glad, Modeling and Identification of Dynamic Systems, Studentlitteratur 2016, ISBN 978-91-44-11688-4