Conference Contribution

Radio and IMU based indoor positioning and tracking

Anders Mannesson, Muhammad Atif Yaqoob, Bo Bernhardsson, Fredrik Tufvesson


Navigation using inertial measurement units (IMUs) is an interesting area of research. Due to the low cost hardware and simple implementation, the approach looks very attractive. But the performance of the IMUs to provide sub-meter accuracy over a longer period of time is still not sufficient, so different approaches have been adopted to increase the performance at the cost of extra hardware and/or infrastructure. Our solution is based on the use of already existing radio infrastructure, where amplitude and phase variations in a received
radio signal at the user terminal is used together with the IMU to do a tightly coupled estimation of navigation and radio signalmultipath components. The results show that the approach has the potential to enhance the performance of IMU based navigation significantly.


IMU, Sensor Fusion, Particle Filter, Positioning, Angle-of-Arrival, Channel Estimation

In 2012 19th International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processing (IWSSIP), Vienna, Austria, April 2012.

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