Conference Contribution

A Game-Theoretic Resource Manager for RT Applications

Martina Maggio, Enrico Bini, Georgios Chasparis, Karl-Erik Årzén


The management of resources among competing QoS-aware applications is often solved by a resource manager (RM) that assigns both the resources and the application service levels. However, this approach requires all applications to inform the RM of the available service levels. Then, the RM has to maximize the "overall quality" by comparing service levels of different applications which are not necessarily comparable.

In this paper we describe a Linux implementation of a game-theoretic framework that decouples the two distinct problems of resource assignment and quality setting, solving them in the domain where they naturally belong to. By this approach the RM has linear time complexity in the number of the applications. Our RM is built over the SCHED_DEADLINE Linux scheduling class.


In 25th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems, ECRTS13, Paris, France, July 2013.