Conference Contribution

Encoder and Decoder Design for Signal Estimation

Erik Johannesson, Anders Rantzer, Bo Bernhardsson, Andrey Ghulchak


In this paper, we study the joint design of optimal linear encoders and decoders for filtering and transmission of a signal over an additive Gaussian noise channel subject to a real-time constraint. The objective is to minimize the variance of the estimation error at the receiving end. The design problem is nonconvex, but it is shown that a global optimum can be found by solving a related two-stage problem. The first stage consists of a mixed H2 and H1 norm minimization problem, where the H2 norm corresponds to the error variance in a corresponding Wiener-Kolmogorov filtering problem and the H1 norm is induced by the channel noise. The second stage consists of a spectral factorization. The results are illustrated by a numerical example.


real-time coding, networked control, signal estimation, gaussian channel


In Proc. American Control Conference, Baltimore, USA, In 2010 American Control Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, June 2010.

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